Bed Bug Mattress
Box Spring
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Protection against bedbugs

Premium Plus mattress encasements protects against bed bug infestations in mattresses and beds:

  • Preventive effect
  • Protection against bedbugs
  • Works also with infestations

Anti Allergen

Premium Plus mattress encasements protects you from dust mites in bed:

  • Protection against allergens
  • Comfortable sleeping for house dust allergy


Premium Plus mattress encasements is water-impermeable and saves the cleaning of beds:

  • High-quality stretch fabric
  • Complete mattresses inclusion

Baggage Protection

Premium Plus mattress encasements is the optimal protection when travelling:

  • Protection of the trunk contents
  • No bed bugs in the luggage
  • Hygenic wash





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Premium Plus Mattress Encasement

  • 100% Polyester Fabric NO Vinyl
  • It is stretchable, breathable micro fiber polyester fabric.
  • All six sides are laminated including top and bottom
  • Three side zipper technique, which makes easy for one person to install and also flip over mattress after few months without uncovering it as it is laminated all six sides.
  • Bed Bug proof, water resistant and anti allergenic
  • At the end of zipper there is a Velcro patch which prevents bedbugs from entering or escaping the mattress.

New Products For April

Bed Bug Protection

About half of the household dust mites and bed bugs are found in bed. Most of them feel very comfortable in the mattress, the remaining bed bugs live in closets, beds, pillows and mattress covers. Allergy should share their older mattress and buy bed bug proof mattress covers (encasing). Special materials to prevent the proliferatrion of bed bugs. A scientific study has found that dust mites and bed bugs have become increasingly resistant to most insecticides. The pest controller can often help any more. many physicians and allergists therefore recommend a mattress cover as the first immediate step.

House dust mite protection

Approximateley every tenth citizen, according to the Medical Association of German Allergists sensitized to house dust mites. By contact through the skin or respiratory irritation with too many mite allergens, can cause diseases (colds, recurrent conjuctivities, lacrimation). Dust mites feed on the dead skin of people and talk to in bed, but especially in mattresses. The tiny arachnids are about 0.1 to 5 mm in size, white in color and have eight legs. A thousand times smaller, the particles with of the mites). A mite allergy should get definitely a mattress cover that prevent the allergen particles.

Incotinence protector

Millions of people are affected by bladder weakness and incontinence. Maybe you've made your own experience with a sensitive bladder? Not only for incontinence (eg urinary incontinence) but also in the care of bed-ridden people without incontinence, pediatric beds, the mattress can be effectively protected against moisture. A mattres cover with water protection must be naturally water resistant and urine resistant. Our mattress cover is breathable and thus contributes to a pleasant bed climate.