Bed Bug Mattress
Box Spring
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Premium Plus Mattress Encasement Cali. Twin XL size (36x84) 9”$26.99

  • 100% Polyester Fabric NO Vinyl
  • It is stretchable, breathable micro fiber polyester fabric.
  • All six sides are laminated including top and bottom
  • Three side zipper technique, which makes easy for one person to install and also flip over mattress after few months without uncovering it as it is laminated all six sides.
  • Bed Bug proof, water resistant and anti allergenic, so healthy sleep for allergy sufferers.
  • At the end of zipper there is a Velcro patch which prevents bedbugs from entering or escaping the mattress.
  • Encasing guarantees high air and water vapor permeability.
  • Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors
  • Prevents the infestation of bed bugs, impermeable to dust mites, mold and bacteria, acts even after repeated washing.
  • Protection of the entire mattress
  • High standard of hygiene of your mattress.